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Welcome to LHS's Malemute Battalion Webpage. Here you find updates for upcoming news, photos and videos for events and forums for your use. If you have any questions, comments or concerns email us at

Hope everybody is safe during this time, remember to practice social distancing, i.e. sitting 6 ft apart from strangers when out. Video conferences are being held via zoom and we encourage everyone to come. For more info on the COVID-19 pandemic please see the link below:

Battalion Staff

Battalion Commander:                         C/LTC Nathaniel Osornio

Battalion Executive Officer:                 C/MAJ Aaron Escamilla 

Battalion Command Sergeant Major:                 C/CSM 

Battalion S-1:                 C/CPT Ryan Nash

Battalion S-2: C/CPT Autumn Williams

Battalion S-3:         C/CPT Trevor Doyle 

Battalion S-4:            C/CPT Stirling van Tuil

Battalion S-5: C/CPT Domonique Helms

Battalion S-6: C/CPT Tyriq Foster

Battalion S-7: C/CPT  Meadow Williams 


SAI: LTC Pete Bonin

  Email: [email protected]

  Phone: 456-7794 ext 17551

AI: 1SG Phillip Maxim

 Email: [email protected] 

 Phone: 456-7794 ext 17550

The Lathrop JROTC 2018/2019 Drill and Air Rifle



 Welcome to Lathrop JROTC, we are excited to have the graduating class of 2023 with us!

 We have a wide variety of teams that all do different things, from the rigorous exercise with the raider team, to the precise movements of the drill team, we are sure to have something for you

 The class room is right by the vending machines, under the sign that says JROTC, don't be afraid to come ask questions.

 We hope to see you this year!

-The Lathrop Malamute Battalion 

Summer Camp

Regrettably due to the current pandemic, summer camp has been canceled this year.
Color Guard Request Form  




circle desired performers 

We request the presence of your color guard for the following activity:









Arrival Time:_________________________________________________________________


Performance Time:___________________________________________________________

Point of Contact Name:_________________________________________________________

 Office phone number:__________________________________________________________

 Cell phone number:____________________________________________________________


Email address:__________________________________________________________




Email request to :


Our phone numbers are: 456-7794 ext 17551 and 456-7794 ext 17550



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