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Use the following questions to study for the upcoming uniform inspection.

What is the name of the JROTC cadet battalion commander?

C/LTC Carson Ash

What is the function of the S1 staff section?


Who is the JROTC cadet battalion Command Sergeant Major?

C/CSM Nicholas Corcoran

What is the echelon above battalion?


In the cadet creed what does it say you will seek?

The mantel of leadership.

A normal step in marching is measured at how many inches?

30 inches

Who is the 8th brigade commander?

Lieutenant Colonel Vanessa Moye

What is the staff function of the S4 section?

Supply and Logistics

Who wrote the National Anthem?

Francis Scott Key

Who is the JROTC cadet Executive Office

C/MAJ Kalin Plante

What is the function of the battalion S6 section?


How far above the pocket are the ribbons on the male JROTC dress uniform?

1/8 inch

What is the echelon below battalion?

Company or Battery

Who is the Lathrop HS JROTC Senior Army Instructor?

Lieutenant Colonel Pete Bonin

How is the nametape measured on the male JROTC dress uniform?

Centered between the top of the button and the top of the pocket and equal distance on the sides.

There are two part to a drill command, what are they?

Preparatory and command of execution.

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